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How Important Is Humor?

There are many series which I fell in love with just because of the jokes and the setting. Sometimes, when I simply want a break from all the seriousness I pick up something funny. Which I can simply laugh together with.

And they often remain my most memorable books. To the degree that I’m also considering adding a little more to my stories. Which sometimes grow a little too depressing, and heavy.

But humor is what makes me able to come back to a series and consistently rewatch it, rather than having the series be consistently quiet serious. Which at times I just take a long break.

For books, it is rather fine. Since I often read books which are released this year, and as a result I wait for nearly a year for my emotions to really come down and I can go back to the story again.

But humor is what allows me to enjoy the series as part of daily life, and I can also see why many manga and anime often incorporate them.

It is also something that forces me back into the world of my own creation more than ever, which is creating hilarious situations for my own characters to worm themselves out of. Or during periods when I just need more time to think something through, humor seems like a good avenue to go to.

And at the same time develops my character and exploits their quirks without ever trying to kill them.

And so, humor is important for me to enjoy a series and at the same time truly explore my character. I do not think that there is any character that di not have a funny side, or have a habit that isn’t.

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6 thoughts on “How Important Is Humor?

    1. Give me a moment, I’ll try to remember among the list of books that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed which also had humor.


    1. Same thing, even for tragic series, I have a love for those which actually incorporate some humor, or wit into their story(to lighten the mood, and prevent me from just taking a huge break from the series). And sometimes, make the best jokes even when they are incredibly dark.

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