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The Fifth Gospel

This grabbed me from the start, a tale of secrets betrayal with history. Which all together made for a very good read. Even when I’m not Christian.

I like how Alex is so important to the story. His past, his character all affects changes. And that even when faced with the harsh truth about his brother, he chooses to make a selfless sacrifice.

I felt many things for him, many times over. From the times he looked at the Gospels, to the times he talked about his father, his brother and even how wife Mona, each of them are all in a way that makes him all around a likeable well rounded character.

Even when at times, his actions are not the most perfect. But he does it because he can take it, while the person he is taking the rap for cannot. That it is all they have left.

The plot is so well thought out that I’m completely blown away by it. All the reveals come at the right time, and all the threads come together to pack a punch. In a way that has you doubt everything that you have been fed so far.

As for the research regarding the city at 2004, as well as the theology and history included in all of this. It will have taken a lot of research, and even more work to not make it a boring session. I was completely sucked into all of this, although I’m a history buff but it was interesting enough that it caught my attention and had me hooked completely to the story.

So, read it if you have a love of history, religion and mystery. To me, this was just something I could not forget at the end of the day and U savoured almost every word.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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