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The Girl In The Glass Box

I find this whole idea of a retelling to be much more refreshing. Although not my true favorite, but I liked the whole idea that both characters aren’t the most perfect.

And Agrippine really got to me, she was used mercilessly by her own father. Who had simply used her to form an alliance and quickly discarded her afterwards. And made her to be who she is, willing to what she wants to get power.

I have to admit that she mistreated Genevieve greatly. That is the truth which I will not deny, but her motivations were so real. So incredibly real.

As for Genevieve, she was originally okay but eventually after she was found by the prince she completely lost me. I will have rather than Agrippine’s story was expanded on as she is the true protagonist of the story.

But I liked how the story fit show white while making the characters a lot more greyer than the original fable, and adding characters which made this a lot more different. And well, I liked how the changes affected the story that instead of a prince was a abusive narcissist, and well I hated the guy.

And Agrippine’s intentions were to just have a say in her own fate which she never got. And she did fight against it, and Genevieve did do something that made her change.

The ending was the thing which surprised me, but one which I felt satisfied about. Few people tried to write about the Queen, and well there is another retelling which I highly prefer but I’m still content to just stick with this when it comes to the faithfulness to the story.

Overall, an enjoyable and clever retelling which makes it different from the others.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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