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The Scorpion Rules

This was something that I feel is worth the addition, as it has rather complex thoughts and completely does a different things from most dystopian novels.

The world here is as simple as this, it has been taken over by an AI, as long as each president or monarch hand over a child of theirs, they can rule. But this children grow up as hostages, and when they break the peace they die. It is brutal, but it makes sense.

Who is willing to let their own children die just so they can wage war, for a petty reason. It isn’t, since if you don’t have another child then there will be no one inheriting the position in the near future.

Although the plot was slow and at times eluded me, but I knew the fact that Greta was in a dangerous position. She could die at any day, the moment her mother changes her mind when war is worth more than the life of her only child.

And so does all the characters here who have become hostages. I was expecting a romance between Élian and Greta, but it was different. Instead, it is a romance between Da Xia and Greta, a lesbian romance. Which was believable, as I at any moment never thought that Greta was going to be in love with Élian. She wasn’t mooning over him, and I appreciate that.

While she depended on Da Xia many times, and well it was possible.

As for the ending, I was a little confused but it was indeed intriguing. How could someone become an AI, the process was detailed and clear. And the reason why Greta does it because she makes a deal with Talis.

As for Talis, I do like the guy. He seems less like a villian, by all means he is normal. Charming, super genius but perfectly normal with almost no clear villainy tendencies I often see in this genre. Surprising, since I could understand him and his intentions.

I mean, having hostage children have a long history in many countries. And makes the ties better, as both sides will hesitate as the moment they declare war these heirs die. Which makes many monarchs at the very least hesitate for a long while, as they aren’t replaceable that easily.

And so, this was a unique addition, full of twists with a truly bleak setting. I enjoyed the story, but this is only for those who are able to spend the time reading it and understanding the intricate plot and world. Far from easy, although I loved the premise due to my interest in history and society. And it didn’t disappoint.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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