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The Last Hours

I found this tale utterly intriguing, about the black death and mostly the main character, Lady Anne.

By all means she was the character which I connected the best towards. Such as how she acted towards her daughter, and the way she was with her. It was entertaining, her wise and ability to see through the black death.

The story is set in England, and for once I actually care about all the characters. The author made it easy to see through them, even for an unlikeable character. A very unlikeable character.

I really disliked Eleanor, for all her actions showed it. She was sympathetic at first, and as time went by Anne became to shine. We are made to hate her, but yet I found her to be even more selfless than anyone. Because of her actions.

The plot is simple, such as the way that the black death affected them. The struggles they had, and the adversity they faced. Although it went in a way that I didn’t expect it to.

Lady Anne is the star of this show, and she is a surprising character. She is a middle aged woman with a daughter, and I like her the most. She is the main character, she is the one who does what she can to save them.

As such, this was purely enjoyable. The black death in its wake, and the way that it could have been avoided. As long as they practiced hygiene, which was nonexistent in those times. And I will likely continue with this series because of how it made me care for their struggles, which is rare as you know me.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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