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The Scarlet Letter

I have to say that this was something that translated so well into manga. It worked the way it did.

I enjoyed Hester and her character, that despite all she had went through she still was a decent human being at the end. Despite being labelled as a sinner, she went through life hoping to change that label.

And that well, I enjoyed how the story was told. The mystery between who her father was, who was someone there from the start. But he is also sympathetic and carefully portrayed that it is not that he couldn’t acknowledge her, it is that he cannot acknowledge her.

Even then, there are rare moments where he is with her. The manga showed his conflict well enough, and I could see why he didn’t. And Hester who didn’t wish to destroy him, had chose to keep quiet as well.

It is easy to see where it goes, but I feel that the way it is told was masterful. Capturing the way that it should be, exploring the ideas of guilt and sin, and the characters act in a way quite unlike many. Which makes for an even more entertaining read, and the fact that Hester has done everything to redeem herself.

Perhaps I will have liked to see her struggle that little more, at least to convince that it wasn’t easy. But overall, I feel that the book has done a splendid job in making the characters feel real.

And I still liked Hester the best. Well this is a good adaption of a classic, capturing what I believe the story really wanted to tell without ever confusing me.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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