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Dare Mighty Things

The ending was intriguing, the rest really wasn’t. I guess sci-fi regarding the whole idea of competition and having a bunch of teenagers compete in it is just underwhelming for me.

Although things are a lot more civil here, there isn’t any outright killing. Because the stakes are not nearly as high, even then they picked them specifically rather than by seeing how desperate they are for money.

Thankfully, it did work somewhat. There were some twists which I didn’t see coming from afar, such as the one at the end. And how Luka’s character was of such surprising outcomes, even though he was by all means interesting.

It was intriguing, in how the technology was such an intriguing part of it. In a way that I enjoyed it, although I really didn’t like the part about the competition. But the technology was well thought out and looked at.

But I just didn’t like Cassandra, she never got to me. She was driven, but in a way that I didn’t like it. That it made it impossible for me to relate to her, her relatable moments was when she was facing something unknown or when she was having doubts.

Her struggles just never got to me, and well I wish the author spent a lot more time developing her as a more well rounded character. But she was suitable, I did like her determination and at the ending I liked that she was able to absorb all that information. However, she was detestable at the beginning.

Overall, I enjoyed this work but it could be better. I didn’t enjoy all aspects of the book, but it was worth my time and if you’re a fan of sci-fi, this is for you.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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