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Jane Eyre: Manga Classics

Well, after the previous manga which proved to be a surprise, I’m back again with another manga classics.

Jane Eyre here I believed was adapted decently, Jane is portrayed as plain and I agree to her portrayal. It is very very plain. And difficult to see that she is in any way beautiful. Pleasant yes, beauty, no.

Although I did wish that things didn’t just happen so fast. And then, they were in love and married. I enjoyed the last part more since a lot more time was devoted to it, I do not particularly mind if they are split into volumes. Or at least touched on upon more.

And that when Jane found out that Mr Rochester was still married was when it really touched my heart(this is a classic, so I highly doubt I’m spoiling anything.) And the moments where she leaves, deciding to find another life.

That to me, did say that when it becomes impossible Jane simply moves on. I enjoyed the moments afterwards, such as when she met her cousin and the clergyman. As well as the moment when she realised that she was a heiress and actually became rich.

The face was perfect to show her expression. I did wish that they used more of the ways that many manga use to show emotions.

But overall, pretty good and I thoroughly enjoyed the latter part and the front. I truly cared for Jane for most part and the ending left a smile on my face.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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