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The Glass Spare

Something about this just worked with me. Completely. And well, Steampunk just really works with me. Stories centered around kingdoms with their monarchs more than ready to use their children interest me. And this is just why it somehow worked.

And well, Wilhelmina is the main character. For once I liked her(although there is only one other book with the main character having this name.) But I feel that when she turned everything into gemstones, the way that it was like a curse to her was incredibly unique. And brings her a lot of misery, as much as it has convenience.

And well, this book was just plain bizarre. It just worked enough for me to like it, enjoyable. Do I find it thought provoking? Not really. But something just made me enjoy it. And I can’t comprehend it, but something worked her to form a work that I enjoyed thoroughly, and became addicted.

And well, I liked both Loom and Wilhelmina. Their interactions, and questions. The way that he never ever asks her anything or forces her to reveal her true nature, and believed that her gift is more than enough. It is just in his character.

Not to mention, his messed up family. I find Espel intriguing, in the sense that she seems to have no human empathy or care at all. And his father, because well for all the brutality that he has done, he does find good ways to make use of what he has. They may be monsters, but they were intriguing monsters.

As for her family, I did expect her father to have done just that. A semblance in him could not kill his daughter, but the rest was intended to punish her. As for her mother, I wished to see how the grief will have made her more suspicious. I mean, she loves this daughter of hers the best, and perhaps she could have spent more time thinking along that lines. And finding out that perhaps something was off.

As for Gerdie, I like him. I like this genius of a boy who is frail, who has been though a huge illness. I wished to have seen him more often, and whether he believed his younger sister was truly dead. And whether he was beginning to suspect. I do think there will be more to this towards the end.

But his rational logical mind, I find it something that was truly enjoyable. And perhaps worthy of exploration. Including of how deep his relationship with Wilhelmina goes.

I guess that the reason why this worked so well, was that I was invested in the side characters more. The family dynamics were just enough to pull me in, even if the main characters could have been so much more. But the side characters completely make up for it, and the villains are just the right touch with me.

So, if you don’t feel that this is for you, I understand. I was surprised too that this worked out so well for me, mostly due to the side characters more than anything else. But if you are on the fence, my advice to you: go for it. It’s worth the shot.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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