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White Panther

If anything, I really didn’t care much after a while. It just seemed to have lacked something that drew me into the story, even though I enjoyed the narration at the beginning.

I really didn’t like it although the setting was intriguing, about a group that I knew barely about. Since it is set during the Roman Empire, but goes towards more of Celtic tribes.

But I just didn’t get the story, nothing really got to me here. I liked some of the characters, but the plot just took way too long to kick in and the characters lacked something which intrigued me.

Which as always, will be difficult to ever keep my attention when it is so. And so, this just didn’t work out. It was just forgettable with little really developed, although I liked the setting and could relate to some of the characters. It was just the fact that none of them really got to me was the problem.

And the plot could have been more prominent, and more exciting will have helped too.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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