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The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice And Virtue

Well, this wasn’t exactly the sort of hilarity I was expected. But this novel is still something that I agree should exist, really exist. Because it manages to make characters which feel real, and their situations and plights to be understandable.

We have Monty, who isn’t all that likeable. Yes, he is far from that. He does a lot of questionable things and ends up in hilarious situations because of his own stupidity, and the whole reason why the plots starts. A brilliant plan to get him into trouble when it is really all he does.

And that his plight although comfortable was not all that nice. He is like the unwanted son, his father provides for him but never truly cares about him.

Percy is biracial, and has an illness that will have many send him off to an asylum in those times. Sad as that is, but I admire him for the way that he understands his friends and tries to live with it. He doesn’t say that he wants a cure at any means, and I appreciate him for that. Although I will have liked to know more about him.

But I like Felicity the most, a girl who wants to become a doctor but had no chances. Because she just so happened to be born a girl. And that doesn’t stop her, I like what she does to get what she wants. And that I will check out the next book since it is centered on her, if anything I do want to know her better.

The plot is basically revealed up there, Monty gets into trouble, by doing something that he really shouldn’t be doing. But turns out to be all that important, and at the same time develop the plot. Yes, I was surprised at the developments. Although this is for from the normal kind of story that I got.

But by the end of it, they have moved forward and truly grown as people. Monty actually taking some responsibility and taking the first step into an actual relationship, although I enjoy the open ended ending.

Well, I think I will appreciate the sequel more, Monty wasn’t all that likeable for me. And this wasn’t really all too funny. But deserving, yes. It is something that still kept me hooked for an entire day, but masterpiece not really.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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