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A Taste Of Evil

There was nothing about this that was even remotely entertaining. I was rather confused as to what was happening and given the way it was narrated, I was half expecting Julia to get revenge.

Which I most certainly didn’t, since it turns to a normal murder mystery pretty soon. And why was Julia even a narrator when she had no connection to the story.

She was just there, and viewing the story when she had really nothing about it. I thought it was roughly about flashbacks, where I get to feel but a lot of it is told.

And first rule is to always show not tell. All the while I never connected with Julia, there was nothing memorable about her sadly.

And this was why this book failed. I just didn’t understand why it existed, the story was confusing and needed more work and a lot of it was told. It wasn’t showed. The transition was often quite clunky.

Overall, just didn’t like it nor found anything worth recommending.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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