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The Sisters Mederos

This was one which worked for me, completely. That the relationship of the sisters, and even the mystery was the centre of it all. There is no romance here, but it certainly doesn’t take away from the series at all.

I enjoyed Tesara and Yvienne, in how they interacted as sisters. Worked on getting the real reason why their family was destitute, why they were poor. And how it was so. It was nothing more than that.

These girls used means only they could use and exploited all they had. It was entertaining to read and watch as they did things which were questionable but not completely illegal. And well, seeing that both of them are focused on one thing and will never waver from it.

The plot is as simple as that, but the way they have to find out is really towards the end. Although I did want the introduction to actually be faster, but the second half was absolutely satisfying.

But the first half had kept my attention with the family dynamics, regarding how their parents dealt with it. They didn’t kill themselves, get themselves killed, but were not too willing to find out. Grateful for what they have.

An interesting portrayal, and it was intriguing to read. Although I do wanted a little more involvement when it came to them, because their daughters went behind their backs to find the truth and yet they don’t know. But, I should have seen that coming when they sent them to a school where they were basically humiliated and broken.

Yeah, they weren’t abusive but loving, not really either. But interesting, very much.

Overall, I enjoyed this for the main characters and the plot. Good plot where I didn’t know what to expect, characters who despite all have managed to find strength to survive and finally, the fact that this is overall unique and rather enjoyable.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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