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An Enchantment Of Ravens

This proved to be surprising and rather different from what I have read. To a certain extent, this didn’t move me but it still kept a lot of my attention. Which is difficult as you all know.

I didn’t really care for Isobel and her predicament, it was for lack of better word not well elaborated. And well, I don’t care much when she was abducted by the prince of the fair folk.

But Rook, I liked him. To a certain extent, I did. Their relationship initially is rocky, because Isobel distrusts him(which she should) and he is angry with her for messing up her portrait.

But I will have wanted to feel more tension in this book. I liked the concept and the characters, the way it was told. Well done, but I will have wanted more tension. And in this case, more pages to develop the story will have been welcome.

However, the story put a lot of care to the romance. And I cared for them, as much as it was insanely predictable. But it has charm, Isobel is clearly likeable and so is Rook. Rook in any case, doesn’t try to be an asshole. This is something that I liked, that he never does.

In certain cases, it makes sense. He isn’t pushing her out there because she simply will die out there, and well when she objects, he doesn’t try to force her.

But I will have wanted more about the court revealed, more intrigued, more complexities. And more about the world of the fae and the craft and how their relationship truly is. This book was intriguing but didn’t fully delve into the world and its intricacies.

And well, this is a story that I will not have minded being turned into a series. But overall, enjoyable and entertaining. A little short which didn’t allow it to really develop the world fully, but I enjoyed what I got.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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