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In Sight Of Stars

Although I wanted a book talking about the issue of suicide and how people often recover from it, I found that this had almost nothing to offer me as a tale.

I found the story incredibly boring, and felt that it wasn’t going anywhere. There wasn’t any tension regarding the turmoil Marielle went through, or even how she will change.

Throughout the book, I felt that she remained the same. There wasn’t anything that really touched her, or even affected her. If it doesn’t affect her, then why will it affect me.

I think that the story doesn’t try hard enough to show or even make me care about the main character. It just felt rather shallow, and the character didn’t really get to me at all.

I did want more about this topic, and more regarding the story. I felt that there was not even a story, since Marielle doesn’t have any motivations at all. Sadly, this could have been rather important.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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