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This was a thriller which made me think that perhaps, I should just grab books off the shelf. Apparently, it manages to make me enjoy much of the story.

Especially if it blends fiction with reality, and here the Carrion King was an intriguing tale which was used here. And that almost all of them fitted well, with the writing doing all it can to bring suspense.

I like Elspeth, she was easy to follow, determined and intriguing. Although I do like more emotionally invested characters, but Elspeth just somehow works despite having little to no connection with the main story.

But it works this way, in a sense.

And the investigation went beyond the usual interrogation, there were many of those scenes. But many times, it included Elspeth using some unconventional methods to get what she wanted. And answers were far from easy.

Each suspect has their own motives, and something that can ruin them which is why they cover it up. I enjoyed certain reveals, in how real it was and in how it is shameful, and will cause a lot of trouble.

And the villain, despite how little we actually see of him was brilliant executed. In a sense that he was always there, and in a sense that he will have motive. Such as the secret regarding what happened decades ago, and his wishes.

And for the ending, I did want to know more about what he actually used to kill them. It is weird, and left completely unsolved. But I guess we can’t get everything, but the book managed to keep me in it for most of it. Which is still amazing.

Overall, I enjoyed this mystery for the way it was executed and written. The characters are easily relatable, and understandable. The villain actually had decent motives, and actual circumstances to why he will have done this. Eventually.

Well, when this works, it just does. And for all those who like mystery, then this is for you.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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