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The Hawkman

Well, for a fairy tale I was lost in this. I didn’t get what was about Mr Sheenan that was intriguing, or any of the characters at all.

Setting it during the twentieth century, was really confusing me. There wasn’t really a solid fluid character to ground me in the story, I cared for none of them.

And to be honest, I forgot that Mr Sheenan existed multiple times. It just felt confusing, and the characters lacked something which allowed me to care for them.

The setting was confusing as well, and at times I wondered what was the point of this. The plot was very much unclear and I didn’t know where it was even going to head, and well the writing didn’t help much. It was lush and gorgeous, but little else.

I guess I just prefer books which get to me more with much more realistic characters. But this wasn’t for me, needless to say.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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