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The Gilded Years

I greatly enjoyed the way the story was written, the way it narrated a less known woman who had an intriguing past. And well, the scandal she is known for is the main plot of the novel. Nothing else.

Such as how the story narrates the tale of Anita, and the fact that she was eventually found out to be a black student. When Vassar by no means allowed them to be enrolled in the college, and the fact that Anita did something unfathomable.

But overall, the way she was portrayed as sympatthetic, and incredibly intelligent. And what will lead her to be found out. I enjoyed how the plot worked, and nonetheless liked how Anita was. She had her head in the right place for most of the time, and it proved itself here.

Such as the way that she always wanted to graduate, and some decisions were hard on her. I enjoyed how the story was, slowly letting Anita go before showing the real plot.

Somehow, it worked here to give a really heartwrenching tale. Such as how Anita dealt with the aftermath, and eventually moved on with her life.

She is mostly someone who reacts to the situation, dealing with it in a way that showed her strength. Moving on and working from there. Rather than letting it clog up her life.

I really like Lottie, until of course it revealed itself. The way that she was shown to have been different, and yet what really was underneath.

Overall, I was intrigued and entertained. That this is something that needs to be said, however I do agree that the story could have been better on some accounts, and that it has a passive main character. But here it works, it is necessary for an unfortunate situation.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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