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Great Expectations: Manga Classics

I like this very very much. The story is something which I have read before, although it certainly went over my head (I was thirteen at the point of time). And well, I expected something which was incredibly miserable, and it’s somewhat there.

Such as the way that Estella is portrayed, is incredibly attractive, much like how she should be in the novel. The definition of a femme fatale, and her sole purpose was to be a form of revenge that her adoptive mother wanted.

Even breaking Pip’s heart, it wasn’t as though she was able to truly feel it in the first place. In a sense, Pip falls to all the vices that most people do when they get rich. Which is somewhat expected.

And by the end of it he has grown a great deal, and changed quite a lot. In the sense that he has matured once he almost lost everything, and show that he does have a lot of strength. And able to keep it up.

Well, something about the manga worked here quite well. In showing that the story is realistic, and as a sense, quite melancholic. There is a lot of people who meet their ends in much regret and unhappiness.

So, I say this is rather faithful and skillfully portraying much of the manga. I got why Pip fell for Estella, she clearly has an air of elegance around her that is shown here. And despite his rather irritating character, he is still someone that I like and enjoy.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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