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Among The Red Stars

This was a rather interesting novel, about the Russian female pilots during World War II.

I greatly enjoyed the way the story was narrated, leaving some of the details out, and using letters to fill in the spaces. It worked to a great extent, as it allowed me to see the way the war impacted them.

And at the end of the day, it was all about moving forward. Regardless of what they left behind, and remembering all of them. The ending, in my mind was perfection and captured the way it should have ended in the first place.

The plot, is very much like reality. Although I do wish that there were more tension regarding Valka’s struggle, and that her accepting her regiment wasn’t so easy. Although I liked the way that she did it because of her cousin, because she wanted to be with her. And that was something that I enjoyed.

As for the way it turned out, the climax was actually given some thought. It challenged what Valka was thinking, it challenged what length she will go to for the sake of those she wanted to protect. Rather suitable even if it meant disobeying orders. And those are really not something that is taken lightly in the country. At all.

Overall, pretty enjoyable and the main character is incredibly likeable. I do reconmend this if you’re interested in a war story, from the Soviet perspective and this works, very well.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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