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Hunting Prince Dracula

This was pretty entertaining in the right sense, that I enjoyed the mystery. Perhaps it’s just that my tastes changed a lot within the last year, and this was not nearly as enjoyable as the one before.

However, all else is still exciting and even well planned. Since they were finding the serial killer as to who was behind the murders here, on their own. I enjoyed it quite thoroughly, although the murderer was someone that I could have seen coming.

Something lacked a little more regarding Thomas, which was why I liked him so much in the first book. It’s that he no longer has his genius, somehow that has eroded from him. While Audrey is going through the phase of whether she should just reject all the help. And well, I like that she is strong and modern although I still will have liked her to also accept him.

However, I do admit that the tension here is well deserved. It was going to happen the moment they started to understand romance, and when Thomas will take care of her. In the wrong way, and not in the way that she wants him to.

Well, the mystery was nice and so was the characters. But there just wasn’t a spark here they allowed me to completely love the series. Enjoy it, very much yes. But did I fall in love, not really.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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