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City Of Saints And Thieves

Well, this was rather enjoyable. In how the work itself told the tale of a city that existed, and the story of Tina.

I did like Tina, I clicked with her easily and I understood her motivations. Yet, something just felt so predictable about her story. Almost as though I saw it coming a long time ago. Taking away all of the really big surprises from the story itself.

And well the characters here all lacked a certain charm which drew me to them. I initially liked Michael, but something about him just fell flat. But when it came to the other characters, it was really really difficult to like any of them.

But the writing is skillful and I could feel Tina’s voice coming alive, in the way I feel it should. She is a girl who survived the streets after all, and is more than able to take care of herself. The way she is written shows that maturity.

And well, I was annoyed since her mother was doing borderline child abuse. Pushing a six year old daughter to find a job, even if you taught her how to survive, is just plain cruel. Very very cruel. And well, by all means I don’t like her. I mean, she shows balant favoritism when it came to her children. Sheltering Kiki at every way even on her death, but never Tina. When it will have made sense to do so to both, if she was really a mother who cared about her children.

Maybe it was that which really make me dislike it. As Tina does nothing but love her mother, and idolize her. When I see her actions as otherwise.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy it. Given how I saw that despite how Tina is abused, it isn’t really touched upon as something that was discussed. But overall, I enjoyed the book if it wasn’t for this portrayal which is problematic.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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