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Lost Crow Conspiracy

And this is where I say, I simply don’t care enough about the series. Anna isn’t a particularly good character, and neither does the plot continue to prove to me that the series is worth reading.

I am intrigue by the Luminae, and the whole idea behind them. The spirits that were used to bind them has finally come back to haunt them. And has come for their rights and wishes to be heard.

And Anna is special, she has a reason why she is in the middle of all this. But again what is she doing for most of the book? Definitely not pushing forward the plot. She doesn’t do much, terrible things happen to her. Which is boring.

And the other narrator who was brought back to life, even then barely has a story. Despite the fact that he was resurrected and well currently a potential hero, who is serving some goddess which brought him back. But he still doesn’t have anything intriguing to say. Or even a role to play, because he is known to be dead.

Wow, then what is the plot if none of the characters have anything to do with it. Nowhere, of course. Since some woman wants to kill Anna because she’s a danger, quite legit, but other than that she doesn’t even have a reason why she should continue this kind of life. I mean it.

Overall, the characters lacked agency. Will do better when they are motivated to do something rather than having said things happen to them, and they react to it. While most of the book is a ray of sunshine where nothing interesting happens. Just Anna and her annoying sister and Noemi.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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