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The King’s Fall


And well, I just wasn’t impressed by it. Kyle didn’t get to me and none of the characters struck a chord, or even made an impression on me.

The premise did sound intriguing, but it just did nothing to really delve deeply into the characters. Although I know that the style of epic fantasy tends to not focus on character development, or at least the kind that I prefer.

But really, this didn’t have a single character whom I even remotely liked or enjoyed. I wasn’t even intrigued by any of them or found their choices interesting. And they were bland, the world didn’t feel different or try to make itself more unique.

And that was where it failed. For me, epic fantasy have to a lot more to impress. And really, characters are the core which I look into, and how I read most books, getting me to care is the main thing here.

Even a fully developed world will not catch my eye as much as a well written character would. But this just had neither, and I couldn’t find a reason to continue. So, I dropped it. It just wasn’t for me, and if you enjoy epic fantasy, you could give this a go. It might be for you, but it wasn’t made for me.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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