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Made In Abyss

No matter how much this seems like an anime meant for children, it really isn’t. There are all sorts of dark stuff which happens in the series, some things which has even moved me to tears, or realised how messed up it was, especially in the later episodes.

And basically, this is an anime which can be summed up in a sentence: two children go on a dangerous quest. I mean it, it is dangerous and not something that is something for the light hearted. And the characters almost die many times in the series. Or are put in incredibly dangerous situations.

However, there are plenty of humor in the series, which do help to offset the really horrific things that happen in the series. And a lot of is funny in the sense that it is poking fun at a lot of characters and their personalities, or about the situations they are placed in.

However, the characters are well developed and original. They don’t feel like I have read exactly anywhere before, and their interactions are always something that I greatly enjoyed even. With it being well thought out, and heartwarming, sometimes even painful to watch.

Overall, I say that this anime is gorgeous in the sense. The art is nice, and rather beautiful. The music is catchy and suits the mood of the series, and the story is intriguing even if it is only a first season. And some of the scenes will make you cry, for be thankful that this is the world we’re born in.

Overall, recommended for those who wish to really try themselves. There are some twisted things that happen here, although the anime does a very good job to balance it out. But seriously, don’t let small children watch it.


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