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Swords And Slavery

This wasn’t meant for me. I guess something really lacked about the Druids to have made me really care for them, and like them.

But I guess I just prefer historical fiction that talks more about mysteries, psychological themes, thrillers. Just not stories centred around the cruelties of war, and a cast of characters who simply don’t draw me in.

And the fact that it doesn’t really touch upon the long lasting impact they will live. Or how slavery have made people fearful, or anything. It is just shown, but it fails to change the characters at all.

They are just way too typical. Incredibly typical. I didn’t really find any of them intriguing, outstanding, and well nothing really mattered. A lot of this will be fiction, given how little records was about them.

And the lives they lead seemed to lack something, and the characters had the same issue. Because I don’t know much about their customs, their traditions, and this story doesn’t show me them. And neither do they talk about any morals at all.

It just didn’t entertain, fulfill or was a thoughtful addition. But you can try to see whether it fits you. But otherwise, I think there is nothing wrong with the series.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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