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The Indigo Girl

I was surprised at the turn of events when it came to this story. Given how it seemed that Eliza will succeed, instead she gets tricked endlessly. And her own family even sabotaged her.

Her story is a struggle which I felt. I really disliked her mother, and the way she shut her own daughter down. And the way she chose to ruin here, I was incredibly shocked and cared for her. In the way that it was supposed to be, that I really disliked her mother.

And well, I could not even understand why she will choose such methods. When it won’t bode well for their family at all. Eliza is doing her best to save their wealth, while her mother chooses to let it go just so she can marry her daughters off when her husband was dependent on those plantations in the first place. If anything, I call that foolish. Really, really foolish.

And well, you can say that I disliked her. I could see where she came from, but to do that to your own flesh and blood while thinking that it was the best option for her. You can figure out how much I disliked her now.

And all the other characters who make life pretty much hell for Eliza, and the way they belittle her. I really cared for her, as she truly was alone and struggled alone. The way that she couldn’t see the end in sight at all, because there was just no end. And with this kind of people supporting her, it was even a surprise that her indigo was of good quality.

At the end, I was happy for Eliza. She did deserve such an ending, and it suited her. Away from her rather terrible family, and establishing a new life for herself. I cared for her journey the most. And when it has managed to make me care, I enjoy it thoroughly.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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