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A Dying Note

Something about this just didn’t click well with me at all. The story was not to my taste and didn’t really feel like a mystery.

The plot was slow, but so slow that almost nothing happened for much of the book. There were some moments which moved the plot forward. But since this was a murder mystery, it lacked something which made me enjoy it.

But there were moments which I enjoyed the book and read the scene, because something happened in it. And when it does, it truly was enjoyable.

And the setting was detailed but far too detailed for my taste. Because it just didn’t focus on developing the characters or the story enough for me to like the book. It lacked a lot of things which will have made this excellent.

And well that was the main reason why I couldn’t really like the story. There just wasn’t enough things shown about the characters for me to like them, and the plot was just moving far too slowly for my liking.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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