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The Ballard Of Black Bart

This was just way too much telling and not enough of showing. A lot of things were told which made it difficult for me to even like any of the characters at all. I mean it.

Nothing about the story really touched me. And the way it was so distant made it even harder for me to like the story. And sadly, it just didn’t catch my attention enough.

The characters are basically background props, they don’t really have anything which intrigue me or capture the attention. And I found the book to be rather confusing, and perhaps just too short.

When that happens it is really hard to make me like the story as I can’t even read it. I don’t feel a connection towards it.

Which was why this just didn’t click with me. And I find that it really doesn’t have much of a reason to exist at all.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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