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Writing What You Enjoy

To me this is important. Very important as all of us tend to be guilty of the fact that we try to fit into the industry, and well after so much failed attempts or thinking that I just did not do a good job in truly writing my stories in the way I intended it to be. I decided that I should I write it in the way I enjoyed it.

Maybe it’s because I’m young, and I have a whole life ahead of me, and realising that I do have other interests and an ability to keep a day job, that I’m just considering writing serial fiction for the long term.

Because it is what suits me. I need constant novelty, and I do that when I work on two to three works with a serialized schedule. It allows me to look for fresh ideas, and slowly piece them together.

And well, it allows me to be able to truly go deep into the scope that I really want to. All my stories have large characters which don’t play an integral part at first, or many of them do so at different times. And I also like when the spotlight is shined on them or when they contribute a lot more to the plot. Or push it in a different way.

And with my final and probably seventh attempt at writing a novel, and realising that it just really isn’t the route for me. That story had a main character with four siblings, and the cast just grew, with each chapter that I wrote. That I saw that there was no way I could end the story in a single novel, or at least in any satisfying way while giving them the depth that I wanted to. Without making the novel way above the usual word count. I was hoping for seventy thousand, but at almost 50,000, the plot nowhere close, the characters not delved deep enough, I decided that well, maybe writing a novel is just not for me.

And after all this, I decided that why squeeze myself and force myself to write a story in the format that doesn’t suit what my vision of my ideas are. Or becomes a road of such misery for me, even the one novel I completed had been over 150,000 words. And if I tried to made it a novel, most of the characters will lose the depth that I given them, as I will have to cut a lot of scenes out. And even entire characters themselves.

So, I decided that I should just write for myself. Write what I enjoy, the way I want it to be, and the way I saw it. Do tell what you think on this subject matter. As it was something that I was thinking for a long time, but it was only now that I really felt that I should just do what I wanted to, not what the market expects.


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