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Blood And Destiny

This was strangely entertaining. I greatly cared for all the characters here. And there were many moments where I felt something for the characters, and their predicaments.

I liked Matthew, he was relatable and understandable. The writing was old without ever being too difficult to even read, or taking a lot to comprehend.

And the various other characters such as Edwin, his elder brother whom Matthew always is with. And their relationship was indeed something that I enjoyed. And the way that it was portrayed was enjoyable.

Not to mention, Emalel, although I did wish for more female characters. But this was the early middle ages, it was lucky if we had a few female characters at all. And nonetheless, I liked how she was someone different from the usual noblewoman we will end up having here. Sad to say, but always true.

But most importantly is that it told a story. A story that was complete, full of development and that was what made it feel real to me. Most books rarely do, and from the title I wasn’t too convinced that I wasn’t reading a biography.

But thankfully, I read it and enjoyed what it gave me. Reconmended for those interested in Saxon England, and the early middle ages. And all those looking for a good story set in these times.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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