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Sins Of The Fathers

Well I was more intrigued by the story of the death of the Archduke Rudolph and what was the reason behind it. I did like the countless, but the story was the one which pulled me in.

However, the countess is clearly quite capable and is shown to be able to do detective work on her own. But sadly, this doesn’t reveal much about her. And I will have liked it if it did reveal much more about her rather than her be the viewpoint character.

But it oddly works, although more chances for her to show more about herself will make this even More enjoyable. Such as why she chose to enter into this and more about her family life. Other than her mother whom I’m mostly indifferent against.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed how much I learned about the Countess and her life. And how she moved forward. Although I like development of characters, but the story captured my attention. Fully and made this a pretty enjoyable piece of work.

The plot is well done, everything fell neatly. And I was rather surprised at where the story was heading at times. And the mystery is truly intriguing, and if otherwise I will not have liked it.

Overall, I will recommend this if you’re looking for a mystery which went beyond the usual settings and counties used. And surrounding a mystery that I don’t often see but definitely has merit to suffice as a mystery that is unsolved.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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