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Murder At Half Moon Gate

I greatly enjoyed this book for what it told. The story was enjoyable, the characters easily relatable and understandable. The mystery was gripping. When all of the come together, you will see me enjoy this book fully.

And this deserved it. The mystery was about new technology, about the world changing. And about Charlotte’s past, which was tied to the story and the mystery and what it revealed.

The reality of women in those times that no matter what they do, there will be something said about them. And when they become the epitome of society perfection, they simply become boring. As well as the many misfortunes they face but can never solve within their own right, because society limits their ability to do so.

I enjoyed all the women here. Almost all of them exist for a reason, have their own personalities and objectives. And Charlotte was someone that had an intriguing past that she move forward from and is more than capable. A reason why I like her, and even understand her choices.

Wrexford was no different. I found their relationship to be rather equal, and they depend on each other quite a lot. Their interactions are always enjoyable and entertaining.

Overall, I liked the story for what it did. Telling a gripping story from page one to the end, and the characters who have their own personalities and pasts which do play a part here. Highly reconmended if you’re into mysteries set in historical times.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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