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Well, although I was greatly entertained by this novel and the slow reasons behind it. Such as the life of Hild who is rarely mentioned and can be left up to debate.

And she was someone which I did like on many levels, but never really understood. Hild feels too saintly and not human enough if you ask me. She doesn’t really have a well rounded character, apart from curiosity and being able to see the future.

After a while, it gets boring. And well, that is where I largely fell asleep to the book. Although I was intrigued by the storyline the setting and the details of the the early middle ages. But Hild simply wasn’t a strong enough character to carry the story, and she lacked something to make her more relatable.

But other than that, I enjoyed how Hild found a place for herself in this world. Even her own relationship with her sister was by far one of those which I utterly enjoyed.

And the situation that England faced in its seventh century, with the trade relations, the various kingdoms. Which was by far a point which I enjoyed in the book, more than anything else.

Overall, I guess the main issue was that I found Hild to be far larger than life. She doesn’t feel relatable and I don’t know what she is thinking, or how her emotions affect her thoughts. But otherwise, enjoyable.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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