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The Sixth Victim

This was one book which managed to write the ever iconical Jack the Ripper story in another version. The version where it seems that there will be multiple killers which always exist.

This really isn’t for the light hearted. As it deals a lot with spiritual moments, the situation that women faced in these times. The constant mystery and the style is all so different.

It is far from straightforward, and by the end I was surprised at how it was written. And although I guessed that some of relevations did come true but it still chilled my bone by all means. And I was quite shocked by how it came to be.

It is written between Constance and Emily, both women which are different which are surviving on their own terms. I enjoyed Constance for the way that she lived her life and Emily for the way that she constantly looked for the truth, even when she was down and out. And that she feared for those who were affected by their actions more than anything else.

The plot is simple, but it isn’t something that I recommend for those looking for something incredibly happy. It is rather unnerving, and the author spares nothing when it comes to the descriptions of the murders itself.

Overall, really enjoyable and memorable. The idea of spirit mediums and Jack The Ripper blends well together, as some of the murders were so gruesome that didn’t allow anyone to even figure out who was who. And well, the liberties taken were understandable.

Fully recommended as a novel about Jack The Ripper, regarding the possibility behind, the impact and is much more than a simple mystery.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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