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The Queen Of All Crows

I found this quite enjoyable to a degree. Such as the way that the relationship between Elizabeth and Julia is the one which is the most important. And the secrets behind their choices.

But something really lacked, such as the fact that almost no answers were even provided. Even till the end, as to why this began or why Julia left.

However I liked the storyline and how Elizabeth was capable and strong. She was able to carry the story although I didn’t really got close to her, this book didn’t really challenge her ideals and her character. I didn’t really know the extension of her personality and how much she will go.

But the world was so unexplained, it didn’t feel like a time period but didn’t clearly set itself apart. And the world could use some explanations as to how it became like that, since it seems to be an alternate version of the nineteen century.

But the early moments got to me. Such as how she cared for Julia and their relationship for being simple, real and easy. And the way the plot was set up was entertaining and gripping.

However the ending didn’t really allow much of any answers or real development. And felt more like a prequel than an actual book. Since Elizabeth remains a flat character throughout.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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