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Something about this did get to me. The story about Elsbeth and her life, her beliefs was intriguing. However I didn’t think that the author really delved deep enough for me to truly care.

The relationship between Ian and Elsbeth, which I truly think was developed well enough. I cared for their feelings, their separation and how they could divide so quickly. He worked for Britain, and she for Germany. And she devoted so much of her life to them, but Ian wanted her back. But despite all they loved each other, I believed that.

But I didn’t think the background story was explore enough, or about how Elsbeth was going though so much changes. I will have rather seen it from the start than from the middle. And the way that she gets drawn into the Nazi regime and beliefs. And her passion for film turned into all this.

It did a good job in making me care and believe for their family, their situations. But it just lacked something which will have made this incredibly memorable. Which sadly otherwise will have made this rank quite high.

Overall, I enjoyed the story for what it was but it didn’t fully flesh out the details which will have made me savour this.

Rating: 3 out ot 5


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