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Eternal Life

This was one strange book. It takes the concept of Eternal Life, and how it is granted, what are its terms. But makes a good story out of it. Although I found the ending a little too abrupt, and perhaps I think that there was some needed closure between her and Elazar. But I still savoured the hook from beginning to end.

The story isn’t told normally, it is written, giving us glimpses into each of Rachel’s previous identities. Throughout the times, as she goes through loss each time but surviving through it.

And I enjoyed all of it written to perfection in showing the various moments of her an Elazar, and their relationship was something that I fell in love with. I cared for them and hoped that something will happen to tie them together.

But, I get it why they will always be apart. That they were doomed to never truly find happiness, and their relationship began in secret and was always forbidden.

The plot added a touch about people wishing to be like her but never truly knowing what it meant. Naturally, Rachel who has knows, and the cost it came with such a life. And also about Elazar, returning back all over again. And her son, Rocky and his strange inclinations and Meirav with her personality.

I feel that this book truly explored the different themes, and the ability to find meaning in life. As well as the idea of dying but not necessarily having a final end. But I just felt that the whole thread with Elazar wasn’t satisfyingly closed, and their conversations were the most intriguing.

Otherwise, the book did what should have been done with the closure. Rachel, and her growth towards the end, and the summarising of what happened to all the characters here. Which was perfection in my eyes.

So, overall, I will highly reconmended this. It has a lot of depth, and is something that should be read by many. It tells a fantastically executed story, and the only thing that I didn’t really enjoy has been explained above.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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