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The Corsican Woman

I enjoyed the story for what it was. A rather tragic tale, beginning with Sybilla forced into a marriage, her eventually learning to adapt and change, a chance for something new and have it taken away from her.

I felt for her, the beginning showed how much she didn’t have. She could only learn to adapt and move from there, and the family she married into and the complexity surrounding it.

And it only tugged at my strings as it went further. Such as her meeting with Captain Moore, losing her husband, and becoming the village whore for others. And the fact that she simply did what she wanted, when she could. She gave herself up for a great deal of things.

But all the while she managed to maintain a realistic personality. She still made some mistakes, and perhaps could have done certain things better. She certainly cared for Michel, but never loved him and in the early parts had engineered her way. She simply wants to live. And she does it on her own terms, and no matter what the consequences are.

And that to me is admirable. She doesn’t become a saint, she does great things, but isn’t the epitome. I liked that she is still flawed and could have thought some of her actions more thoroughly. And at least make her life easier, but if she had, I wouldn’t have enjoyed her this much.

It is because of the fact the she chose what she did here that make me admire her. She wasn’t by all means groomed for greatness, but she did her best to live her life and make her life her own.

The story is centered around Sybilla, and she is the core of it all. The entire novel is about her tale, as sad and as tragic, and as much as it was commenting about the country, that she represented what was wrong with it. When in reality, no one could say that she truly did anyone wrong until she killed her father in law. Who really had it coming.

Overall, read this if you want a story about a normal girl, who gets herself thrown into a life of utter misery and no matter what still struggles. She doesn’t accept, she simply seeks her own way out. And tries to find a way that she could live like a person will, not just survive.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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