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The King’s Witch

This was one tale which I gave my heart out to. To Frances, for all that she goes through within these three years. Since her life was turned upside down when James I was crowned.

Even when she did nothing more than do what she believed was right, and even helped the people with her gift. Yet, she gets herself embroiled. For no particular reason at all.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plotting, the intrigue, and the way that the Queen talked with her. Their relationship went beyond normal relationships, and was something that I enjoyed. As well as her character, doing what she believed was right.

As well as her incredibly innocent relationship with Elizabeth. Which is mostly conversations, but at the same time is integral to the plot.

But the heart of the novel was the kind of life Frances led, even when she was discreet. Even when she was careful, she was still prosecuted and in danger. She was still placed in situations that she could have avoided as long as someone did as she wished. To have her remain.

Her uncle was one of the people I disliked, on some level he cared for her, but he made use of her, and put her into countless dangerous situations to further himself. And I disliked him in how he had forced him opinion onto her, and put Frances into so much danger. You could say that his ambition was the reason the book began in the first place. But Frances makes many choices of her own as well.

Overall, I enjoyed the book for what it was, touching, and very very focused on Frances. She is involved in all of this, instead of being the bystander, not anyone important, but she still has a role. And she chose her own choices, and made them well. Her ending is one that I have to admit was bittersweet, but overall ties up all the loose ends.

Will recommend if you enjoy historical novels about intrigue, and find Frances particularly intriguing.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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