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The Winter Station

I didn’t really enjoy or even get the entire story. At times, it is intriguing. But most of it was not really catching my attention. Maybe it’s because all my earlier reads happened to be impressive, unique that it lead this to be quite a letdown.

In some cases, I didn’t think that it hit the main character as hard as it should. Although the story is centered around this epidemic, I felt nothing about it. There wasn’t anything which really went in depth, of how this will change things. It simply showed the complexity of the situation, but little else, and by the end nothing had changed.

And the characters made no long lasting impact whatsoever, it is just about the Baron living long enough to tell his tale. And well, it was just luck that he survived. And nothing else. So, nothing much that was intriguing.

I did care about the intricate relationship these three countries had, China, Japan and Russia. And this plague epidemic revealed on what level will they go, that it could be suppressed. Surprised, even. And I felt that it was the one thing that was well done in this entire book.

Overall, I guess that it just happened that this story had a good setting, but the characters just did nothing. They are helpless, and they didn’t do anything. Except for continuing some of the most futile efforts to suppress a plague outbreak, which showed how divided they were, but by the end nothing has even remotely changed for the better.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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