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Wolf By Wolf

Well, this is a premise which does fascinate and intrigue. I don’t doubt it, since we all heard of Hitler, and his atrocities during World War II. And this explores what will have happened if it was true.

And well, it didn’t disappoint. The entire setting managed to capture the horror that will have occurred if Hitler won. And what was done regarding the others, and the possibility that one of the experiments will end up creating Yael. Who can change into anyone.

The plot is simple, all about resistance and the key to starting it was Hitler’s death. Which needed to be seen worldwide, and never anywhere else. The entire world must see his death for it to be real and the revolution to begin. And Yael is the centre as she is the only one with enough skill to impersonate because she can change into different people, without ever having a flaw.

And she is someone who is trained for this as no one else could. After the previous attempt on his life, it is clear that he will not let himself be a target again. Which makes sense, and hence why Yael cannot even fail. Because there probably won’t be another chance.

And I like her. She doesn’t get obsessed with any of the boys. Although most of the guys in the race are more obsessed about themselves and the race, and the only person who cares about her unconditionally happened to her twin brother.

And Luka was surprisingly not a lovesick idiot. Even if he does seem to like Adele and it naturally goes to Yael who is taking her identity. But again, he still prefers to win over letting her win. No matter how dirty the method was.

And Yael never lose sight of her own goals, and what she was supposed to do. And used whatever she could to her advantage, and she does make a mistake. She does fall. But even at the end, her mission is the one that dominates her entire mind. I do not find it surprising given what she went through as a child.

Overall, this explored one of the most fascinating premises that most of us will know once mentioned. And it does a good job, at showing the changes, and that no matter what there will be resistance. Even if it is pushed back, because he is basically oppressing a lot of people for the sake of Germans. Someone will rise up eventually. And well, the ending will lead me to read the sequel. It most definitely peaked my interest.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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