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Wild Justice

And well it did intrigue me in the beginning but lost me by the end. For lack of better word as I simply didn’t care about any of the characters.

Initially, it was intriguing to see where it lead. About the nature of investigation since this is the medieval times. But nothing happened, for most of the book I was simply wondering where was the mystery, the tension. As the main character has absolutely no connection to the main characters at all.

And since there are barely any consequences and the characters not giving a damn what happens to the murderer, naturally there is a post of an emotional connection to this story. And without it, it lacked compared to the other mysteries.

And the main character was forgettable and bland, she doesn’t exactly stand out as I barely remembered anything about her. Other than she was a nun, which was about it. And she was looking into the murder, but little else. And knowing almost nothing about her, and this doesn’t affect her adversely, hence it completely makes it difficult for me to care.

So, overall, I don’t care about the characters and this is why I simply couldn’t finish it. It simply wasn’t to my taste as I like mysteries when the main character cares, and of course is driven. This lacked both.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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