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Thr Queens Of Innis Lear

If anything, I was surprised by this book. Perhaps it was the writing or perhaps it was the fact that it had one central character, and the story began quickly, with actual things happening that made me enjoy it, despite the fact that most epic fantasies I read end up being no more than 3 stars.

The writing was lyrical, it told a tale that I felt was best served in such a way. A tale about stars, kingdoms and small magic. Nothing really expansive or solid is talked about the system. But the plot, the characters make up for everything else.

Elia is simply a very understandable character, she simply wanted her family together, wanting the ability to choose everything, not one thing over another. In this context, it is so right. Innis Lear needs a Queen who listens to itself, a Queen who loves it as much as she loves everything else. But most importantly, Elia stands by her choices. Even if the consequences make her suffer, or it never turns out the way, she still goes on and continues her life.

But to her other two sisters, both of which I liked and adored. Gaela for her single minded beliefs and aggressive personality, and for her ambition was all, she will make herself more than what was said. Reagan, who may not be the strongest or the most ambitious, but she has her own opinions and her own support. And she griefs, but doesn’t do anything drastic until there truly was nothing for her.

I admired that in such a kingdom ruled by men, it seems that the ladies are the ones which did the hard work and make the tough choices. Dalat, Gaela and Elia. Even Reagan could be here. While most of the men ended up squabbling among themselves, and aren’t nearly as developed as the female characters. Who were all complex, relatable and understandable. But only in Innis Lear.

Despite how it is a sexist society, given some of the comments, the way that Gaela sought to remove her own womb, because then it will be easier. And the slight moment where they mentioned Elia will make a gentle womanly Queen, it does seem so. But I appreciated the story for showing women who truly make great decisions, who did the best they could, and even till the end, never wavered.

Overall, a really enjoyable work. The writing worked, the characters were people I grew to like and love, and the ending certainly kept my attention. A suitable end for such a whimsical story.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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