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The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall

It wasn’t anything that was groundbreaking or new. But it was satisfying, it told a story and made itself to be entertaining. Which is more than enough to keep me hooked.

Delia is the main character and she goes through quite a lot. I prefer not to say, since the entire reason why I began to devote most of my afternoon to read it was because of what happened in the middle. And the burning questions, which simply couldn’t be left alone.

Or the various characters, who as the premise promises have secrets of their own. And no one is who they seem, at all. As Delia gets acquainted with the house, there are ghosts which Delia eventually befriends, knows and learns the secrets of the house.

And every character has their role. No matter how small. But all of them impact the story, all of them eventually serves their role. And each of them were likeable, as much as they had depth and secrets. And I enjoyed it for what it was.

As for the plot and the pacing, the plot isn’t anything to be surprised about. But the pacing was fantastic, everything happened at the right moments, at moments that I didn’t expect it to be, and shocked me. All the while refusing to let me get a breather, and neither did I want to.

Overall, this premise isn’t anything special. Or entirely unique. But it was the writing, the execution that really make me hooked. Really recommend of you’re a fan of horror and suspense.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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