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The Radical Element

Some of the stories I remembered, others I forgot. But nonetheless, this was an anthology which did a good job in making some of the stories memorable.

And it is truly about women who rebelled, went against the norms. The most memorable was Lady Firebrand, and her story regarding the fact that she was wheelchair bound, but was still someone with wit, the centre of her story. And someone with enough personality to win me over, and hoping that I might be able to see more of her.

Her story is rarely seen, and rarely said. Especially for someone like her.

The Magician is a close second, given how Ray got to me, and I was invested in her story. Very very much. Her identity is never certain, and she doesn’t know what to think of herself. But her story was entertaining.

Another is the first, about Rebekah a Jewish girl, who learns nothing about the actual history. In religion, all she is taught to do is mostly light candles and burn, while expected to simply confirm without even having a good idea what is happening.

It was the one which truly hurt my heart. The one which really made her care. The ending, is something that is suitable for someone like her. And her choices ring through, and well I was expecting a predictable way out, but nonetheless happy at how Rebekah chooses herself.

Finally, we have a girl who is in a dilemma about being a judge. Eventually, she makes up her own mind. But only after she meets and discussed a law, that prevents those who are unfit to have children. And the way she reacted to it was perfection, and all that she goes through to make up her mind.

It is rather different, since she is thinking but this changed her stance completely. In a good way, and one that will have her work towards the future where she will fight for these people. Because she thinks it is inherently wrong.

The other stories didn’t remotely make me care for the characters as much as these three did. It was decent and entertaining, except for the latter ones. But these were the ones which stood out among them all.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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