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The Darkest Minds

And in the middle is where I feel that this doesn’t go anywhere. Ruby is not relatable, as I didn’t care for her neither did she do anything that made her stand out at all.

I mean it.

Ruby is incredibly boring, with little traits that makes her shine. And half of the time I don’t even know what she does, neither does she show them at all. And the powers are poorly explained, confusing, as much as how terrible the treatment was of the kids.

And how stupid it was. They are an asset. You can send them overseas, train them as spies. Make the most out of their abilities, which will have been the wise thing to do. Since you’re basically out of kids, no matter where you go.

But no, lock them up and have them be rehabilitated for no rational reason. Since so many will be dependent on them, and they are incredibly skilled, different from normal kids. And they can help the situation with their apparent superpowers.

But lock them up because of fear. And what good will it do. And this is why I gave up at the middle of the story.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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