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The Girl From Everywhere

It was okay. Having a ship travel through time seems so interesting, and well it somewhat was.

I wasn’t drawn in by Nixie. I didn’t hate her but neither did I like her. She was neutral to me, I have to admit. I didn’t find anything wrong, she wasn’t annoying but simply bland.

But moving on.

I just didn’t understand the concept of this. It was never explained fully or properly, and how it was possible for them to be navigating time. The focus were a lot more on the relationships between Slate and Nixie, and her romance with Kashmir. Which I surprisingly don’t detest. Neither has confessed their undying love for the other, and are mostly doing rather normal things like holding actual conversations to learn more about the other. I can buy that.

As for the story regarding her mother leading her father to try and do everything he can to save her, even if he ends up changing reality. I can believe it, given what he did afterwards. But he didn’t really make himself sound interesting, and I did want to see him really think about him and Nixie.

Because well, I don’t really find him a father in the sense Nixie replied to him. It is a complex relationship and I do wish more time was devoted to him really showing the impact losing someone he loved on Slate. It will have been better if you ask me.

As for the others, some of them really could do better to stand out. Joss, on the other hand someone that really caught my eyes. In her character, portrayal which was outstanding by all means.

Overall, I just didn’t really enjoy it. But neither did I hate it, some elements were intriguing, and maybe I will check out the second book.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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