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Jack Was Here

This was an interesting thriller. A story about a father hiring his brother to find his son, and a tale of Thailand.

Despite how close the country is to mine, to the point that many visited Thailand. I never did. Although I do know of its dangers, and the way that a lot of things are really really cheap. So, I won’t talk about the portrayal. Even at times, I’m wondering a little. It just seems a little suspicious. But I don’t know so I won’t say.

But also, I wished for more complexity regarding Nick and his brother. They were distant, I could understand. But to the point that I’m even questioning their entire relationship, even some contact to me will have felt more real than this.

Not exactly having to meet face to face, but a little more in communication will be pretty good. And will add an emphasis, as well as a good and solid reason why Nick will go after Jack. Other than money. Because it is also a transaction.

I just didn’t understand, it felt a little too unbelievable. Because a lot of families will have unconscious prejudices against each other. It is just normal for it to happen.

Other than that, I enjoyed the story. Drugs, really play a heavy role here, Thailand is one of the best settings for it. While the story was decent in the execution, to the very end.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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