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Well, it was disappointing in a different way. It was enticing, and entranced me into the story.

The clairvoyant connecting with spirits were so well done, clear and lucid. They are people even if they lack bodies, but they still have a soul which exists. And it does play a role here.

It was just the villain which made me really feel underwhelmed. He was only given a passing mention, and not much. Which really ruined the experience and the buildup. Since it was meant to be old, much older than I really thought.

But otherwise, it was deep, and made me quite fearful. It was filled with much dread, which hooked me when it reached the peak during the early pages, and later pages. When the two of them meet.

It was the in between which made it really difficult for me to like them, as it lacked something which kept me together. A little more to actually see who we’re looking at.

I know that it is a villain, it is bound to happen. But it just felt so lackluster when the actual person stepped onto the stage. But how he was brought down, was rather brilliant and using an established notion in the story.

But otherwise, I enjoyed the setting. Just after the world war, where thingd were being rebuilded. Lives were changed entirely.

Overall, it was just disappointing in how it handled the villain. In making him just so disappointing, and so empty. When more could have been done to reveal more and more about him. To make it more lasting and meaningful.

Even then, I still enjoyed some of it. To the point that I couldn’t even put it down. So, it might just be for you.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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